My name is David Aguayo and I was born and raised in Lima Peru. I was born of greatly talented parents, who passed along their love to art to me as well as to my brothers and sister. Since my adolescence I've learned that photography was in my veins, but finally in 2004 I was able to pursue it with formal studies which pushed me to a different level. My career as a photographer started in 2005 as the owner of Snap'n Cheese Photography.

I have been married to my best friend and soul-mate, Lemsy, for over 11 years and I'm the proud father of three amazing children. Lemsy is my associate in the business, since she is learning photography with me, plus she is the one with the really creative eye and taste :)

Photography for us is more than taking a camera and pressing a button. In these years we have been exposed to incredible moments that we as humans would love to freeze in our minds forever and have the capability of pulling them out to stare at them in amazement; that's photography for me, is the perfect tool our mind needs to freeze those precious moments forever, even for beyond our lifetime, yes, even for our children, and their children's children. This journey has been an opportunity to provide this beautiful gift to others. Is seeing tears of happiness from a memory, the biggest smiles and laughs from moments that were thought as forgotten, awes from landscapes and "simple" nature's wonders that we, many times, take for granted. That's photography for us.